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  • Can I buy a wrist band for the Park ?
  • No the park does not operate with wrist bands . Each attraction in the park is paid for separately.
  • How much are the rides ?
  • The price varies from ride to ride.
  • Do you offer information on accommodation ?
  • No we don’t provide pricing or information on accommodation. There are numerous Hotels / B&B’s available in Tramore and in the surrounding areas and you will find lots of information on the Tramore Tourism webpage.
  • What kind of food is available in the park? 
  • Foodies can choose from a wide range of delicious food items available at the park. Soft drinks, ice creams and bottled water are also available throughout the park shops.
  • Do I have to pay for individual rides?
  • Yes
  • How about parking facilities? 
  • The is an abundance of parking in the surrounding areas.